Canine Influenza Symptoms

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Dogs can catch the flu!

In 2004 it was discovered that our furry friends can catch the flu. The good news is that the virus is rare and most dogs who catch the flu are able to sleep it off. However, you can never be too safe when it comes to care for your pet. So as you prepare for this upcoming winter we want to share the symptoms of Canine Influenza!

 Take a look at some of the symptoms of a sick dog:


  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Anorexia
  • Fever 
  • Malaise – a general discomfort

This list of symptoms for Canine Influenza was found on PetMD, we encourage you to Click Here to learn more about dog flu and how to take care of your dog if you see that he or she is getting sick.

Cold Weather Pet Tip

There’s an arctic front coming our way.


We want to share this cold weather pet tip with you! It’s the middle of November and there’s an arctic front heading to Central Oklahoma. So, we want to share [this link] from The Humane Society to help keep your furry friends protected during the cold weather. The Humane Society has some really good tips on how to ensure that your pets are safe during the cold weather, and we want to highlight just a few of the tips they give.
  1. Leaving a pet outdoors during the cold weather can be life threatening, so when it gets cold outside bring the pets inside where it’s warm and safe. 
  2. Pets use more energy to help stay warm, so your furry loved one might be eating more that usual. Check occasionally to see if your pet needs more food. 
  3. Winter also means putting antifreeze in the car. If you do this at home check to make sure there are no spills. If any antifreeze has spilled please keep the pets away and clean up the spill. Antifreeze can be lethal and it has a sweet taste that animals are attracted to. 
Once again, you can [click here] to read how to keep pets safe during the cold weather!
Have a fantastic day and keep warm!


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