We love Sheriff

We love Sheriff

At Four Paws we continuously strive to provide your furry loved ones with quality care and service at an affordable price. We know that after a trip to Four Paws, your pet will be feeling great and look fantastic! Our grooming services include the following:

icon-circle       Grind the Nail Down

icon-circle-o       Ear Canal Hair Removal

icon-circle       Paw Pad Hair Removal

icon-circle-o       Clear Potty Trails

icon-circle       Two Bath Scrubs

icon-circle-o       Condition Hair

icon-circle       Fluff Dry

We also tailor our services to your specific requests! Just ask one of our professional groomers and we’ll make sure you are satisfied with our service!
If your pet has allergies, fleas, sheds heavily or has matted hair then we will also provide these extra services:

icon-check-circle      Hypo – Allergenic Shampoo

icon-check-circle-o      FURminator Baths

icon-check-circle      Flea Baths a.k.a Dips

icon-check-circle-o      Scissor Finish with Fluff Dry

icon-check-circle      Gentle Deep Brushing